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Dr. Chamberlin's Fall 2004 Oceanography Teleweb Course Guidelines

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3. Textbook Requirements

All students are required to purchase An Introduction to the World's Oceans by Sverdrup, Duxbury and Duxbury (ISBN 0072945559). This book is packaged with an online learning center which you may find useful throughout the course. Because our emphasis will be on the telecourse episodes, we will not use the online learning center to the degree that we will in my online course. Nonetheless, material for the course comes from this version of the textbook. Thus, it is imperative that you buy it if you wish to succeed in this course.

It may seem like your textbook is expensive or that you are not getting your money's worth but if you stop to consider the price of the textbook compared to other purchases you make, a textbook is of great value. Take another look at the learning outcomes for this course. You are being prepared for the workplace, for society, for a greater understanding of our planet and a more positive view of life. The textbook is an integral part of that preparation. If you are serious about getting an education--a true education, not just marking off courses on a degree form--then you will appreciate the value of the time and money that you invest in that education. Students who buy textbooks succeed because they are committed to learning.

The textbook is available through the Fullerton College bookstore, http://bookstore.fullcoll.edu.

The cover of the book looks like this:

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