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Dr. Chamberlin's Fall 2004 Oceanography Teleweb Course Guidelines

This page last updated: Friday, July 16, 2004 10:59 AM

10. Course of Studies: How it Works

This course is conducted asynchronously, meaning you do not have to be online at any specific date or time. There are NO ON-CAMPUS meetings for this course.

All READINGS are based from the textbook BUT...you may encounter questions that require you to search on the internet or use any other additional resources at your disposal. Knowing HOW and WHERE to find INFORMATION is one of the learning outcomes for this course. To evaluate your progress towards that outcome, you are, on occasion, asked to answer questions that are not covered in the reading. Use GOOGLE to search for information or e-mail me if you are stumped. But please tell me how you are stumped (just don't ask for the answer) because, not wanting to rob you of a valuable learning experience, I won't give it to you.

Some questions have answers that can only be surmised by putting two-and-two together; in other words, by THINKING!

For best results:

Your final grade in this class is based on the following forms of assessment, which are described in detail in the sections that follow:



You can earn a maximum of 1200 points in this class BUT the course is based on 1000 points. Thus, there are 200 extra credit points automatically built into the course. There will be no other extra credit points available. Focus on your regular credit work and you won't need extra credit.

Grading is based on the following scale:

The following sections describe in detail each type of assessment and how they are completed.

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