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Dr. Chamberlin's Fall 2004 Oceanography TeleWeb Course Guidelines

this page last updated Thursday July 22, 2004 8:45 PM

TO ADD THE COURSE: Any student who wishes to add this course may add first three days of classes ONLY. Please send me an e-mail during that time and I will send you an Add Authorization Code. I will not send out codes prior to the start of the semester. No adds will be accepted after the third day of classes for any reason.

EVERY ENROLLED STUDENT must log in to the WebCT course site and take Quiz #1 prior to Friday, September 3, 2004, 1155 PM. WebCT will be available at the START of the semester on AUGUST 23, 2004. WebCT will not be available any time sooner. Students who fail to take this quiz will be considered "no shows" and dropped from the course.

1. General Information

WELCOME! Please read ALL sections of the course guidelines that follow. Your enrollment in this course and your subsequent success depend on a thorough understanding of these course guidelines. Make sure you have the basic skills needed to complete this course. At the end of the last section, you'll have an opportunity to save and print the entire course guidelines as one file.

These guidelines establish specific requirements, grading criteria, description of exams and other key aspects of this course. Please make sure you read these guidelines very carefully. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand and agree to what is required in this course.

COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS : All students are required to use a computer and the internet in this course. If you do not have computer and internet skills, then it is highly recommended that you obtain them before you attempt this course. All course materials are delivered through the Fullerton College WebCT server at http://webct.fullcoll.edu:8900. You will need to become familiar with WebCT to succeed in this course. Please go to http://media.fullcoll.edu for WebCT information and tutorials.

Make sure you are up and running at this site by the end of the second week of classes.

ALL ENROLLED STUDENTS: Please note that these course guidelines apply to ALL students enrolled in Sean Chamberlin's online oceanography course. The section taught by Sean Chamberlin is:

COURSE SYNOPSIS:This course equates to three (3) lecture hours per week. It presents a survey of the geological, physical, chemical and biological principles of oceanography. This course examines how these processes interact to form a variety of habitats within the marine ecosystem. An overview is provided of the physical nature of these habitats, the distribution and characteristics of the organisms found within them and the oceanographic tools used to determine these properties. The interaction of humans with the marine environment is woven throughout.

Please be aware that this course is not the same course as Marine Biology. Oceanography encompasses physics, chemistry and geology, as well as biology. Equal time will be given to each of these topics during the semester; marine biology makes up about 25% of the course.

All college, district, state and federal policies, guidelines and regulations in effect for on-campus courses apply to this course. Students are urged to review the FC Catalog, especially with regards to Academic Honesty. Students are also reminded that alcohol and drugs are forbidden on campus and during all college activities and events, including those held off-campus. This policy applies to all field trips and expeditions offered as part of this course.

According to college guidelines, a student should expect to spend at least nine (9) hours per week studying for a 3-unit course during a 17.5-week semester. Students are urged to review the suggestions provided in the FC Course Catalog concerning workload and class load. Failure to properly budget your time may severely hamper your success in this course.

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