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Dr. Chamberlin's Fall 2004 Oceanography On-Campus Course Guidelines

This page last updated: Friday, July 16, 2004 10:19 AM

5. Course Web Sites & Online Tools

To achieve our learning goals for this course, we use online tools designed to help us learn and better understand the course materials. In addition, these tools enable us to better communicate with each other and develop the sense of community that supports our learning. Finally, these tools provide a means for assessing our knowledge and understanding and providing feedback to each other and the instructor such that our knowledge and understanding continuously improves.

The Remarkable Ocean World, http://www.oceansonline.com serves for course guidelines only.

Study guides, flashcards, assignments, quizzes and exams can be found on our WebCT course site at http://webct.fullcoll.edu:8900.

You shouold learn how to navigate and use WebCT within the first few weeks of classes. To get started in WebCT, I suggest that you go to http://media.fullcoll.edu and click on Videos: Using WebCT.

TO LOG IN TO WEB CT: Your username (known as your WebCT ID) is composed of the first two initials of your first name (in ALL CAPS), the first two initials of your last name (in ALL CAPS) and the last four digits of your Student PIN (the one that starts with the @ symbol). For example, if your name is Otto Rocket and your student ID# is @12345678, then your WebCT ID would be OTRO5678. Everyone's initial password is STUDENT. Change it immediately after logging in.

When you have successfully logged in, you will come to a page called MyWebCT, which lists all the courses using WebCT in which you are enrolled. Click on ESC130 F Intro. to Oceanography. You'll come to our home page that has several icons:

Make sure you properly understand the navigation features of WebCT.

More information on these tools is provided in the sections that follow. However, if you have questions after reading the following sections, please e-mail me, drc@oceansonline.com.

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