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Dr. Chamberlin's Fall 2004 Oceanography On-Campus Course Guidelines

This page last updated: Friday, July 16, 2004 5:09 PM

8. Office Hours

Visiting a professor during office hours may be one of the best kept secrets to student success. When you visit your professor, you gain insight into the nature of their thinking and the kinds of questions they like to ask. You also benefit from one-on-one discussion of topics and concepts and might just learn a heck of a lot in a short time. I know I always did better in classes when I visited my professors.

Pay a visit to:

W. Sean Chamberlin, Ph.D.
Room 419-025 (400 building). From quad entrance, take a left, then a right. You'll be staring at my office door.
Phone: 714-992-7137
Hours: Mondays: Noon - 2:30 PM, Tuesdays, Noon-2:30PM

Occasionally, office hours will be held elsewhere. A note will be placed on my door with the alternate location.

For the fastest response to questions, e-mail me, drc@oceansonline.com.

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