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Dr. Chamberlin's Fall 2004 Oceanography On-Campus Course Guidelines

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11. Quizzes and Exams

Quizzes are diagnostic, a type of formative assessment, designed to help you assess the quality of your studying in this course. If you are completing the reading and doing the work in the study guide, then you will have no problem with the quizzes. If, however, you are behind in your studies and not spending the kind of time you need to be spending in this course, then your quiz scores will suffer.

Exams assess your knowledge and understanding of the course materials in a more summative fashion. They provide an evaluation of your learning of the materials in a particular segment of the course. While exams are designed to gauge what you learned, they can help you learn as well. By going back through an exam once you have taken it, you may discover things you missed and figure out how to better study the new materials that follow.

Fifteen (15) quizzes worth 20 points each will be given this semester. The five lowest scores will be dropped. Thus, you may earn a maximum of 200 points taking quizzes in this course.

All quizzes are based on concepts discussed in lecture, the readings in the textbook as described in the Course Syllabus and information contained in the Study Guides of the WebCT course site.

Most quizzes will be held during class. Four quizzes will be held online only.

You will have 15-20 minutes to complete a quiz. All quizzes will be held at the end of the class period. Each quiz will consist of 10-20 multiple choice, true-false, matching or other type of questions.

If you miss a quiz, you lose the points. No makeup quizzes will be given.

However, if you attempt the quiz during our class session (in other words, if you show up for class), you may take the quiz again online through our WebCT course site. (This requirement does not hold for strictly online quizzes.) Quizzes may be taken as many times as you wish during the time in which they occur, however, quiz questions will vary each time you take the quiz. The highest score earned for a quiz will be counted. Students who did not attend the in-class quiz may take quizzes for practice but their scores for the quiz will not count. Correct answers for quizzes will not be given. You will have to answer a question correctly to learn its correct answer. Of course, you may ask me about the question in class.

Five exams worth 100 points each will be given in-class during this semester. All exam questions come from the quiz questions. Your lowest exam score will be dropped, NOT including the final.

You may earn a maximum of 400 points taking exams in this course. Exams may consist of multiple choice, matching, short answer, essay and skills-based questions.

You will have 75-80 minutes to complete the exam in class.

A COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM will be given on the final exam date scheduled for this course. The final exam will consist of 100 questions and be worth 200 total points.

ALL QUIZZES AND EXAMS ARE OPEN BOOK AND OPEN NOTE BUT NOT OPEN CLASSMATE! Your book may contain post-it notes or hand-written notes in the margin or you may use other types of hand-written notes but no printed notes will be allowed. Students found with printed notes or other types of unacceptable notes will be asked to leave the exam.

FAILURE OF COMPUTER OR OTHER TECHNICAL GLITCHES ARE NO EXCUSE FOR FAILURE TO COMPLETE A QUIZ OR EXAM. As a courtesy, I give you at least an entire week to complete a quiz or exam. You should not view the time and date when the quiz/exam window closes as the due time and date. The due time and date is the entire one-week period. You have an opportunity to take the quiz/exam during this window of time. However, if for ANY reason, you are unable to take the quiz or exam during this time period, you forfeit the right to take it. THERE ARE NEVER ANY MAKEUPS OR EXTENSIONS OF TIME ON QUIZZES AND EXAMS.

The schedule for quizzes and exams is listed in the Course Syllabus.

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