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Professors Chamberlin and Heath's Fall 2003 Teleweb Course Guidelines

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11. Course of Studies: How it Works

Our course this semester focuses on a study of oceanography as seen through the eyes of ocean scientists. By viewing the video episodes, reading your textbook and discussing your personal experience of the oceans with your classmates, you will achieve a greater understanding and awareness of the role of the oceans on our planet and in your life.

Assignments and exams required in this course help you to develop this understanding and awareness. Thus, they are an integral part of your learning. You should view them as learning experiences rather than hurdles or tasks. Viewed in this way, your enjoyment of this course and the goals it fulfills in your life take on much greater meaning.

Your final grade in this class is based on the following forms of assessment, which are described in detail in the sections that follow:



Extra credit

You can earn a maximum of 1000 points in this class. In addition, there are 200 extra credit points built into the assignments in the course to accomodate different learning styles. These are the only points available for extra credit. Realistically, you should figure out which mix of quizzes, exams, discussion questions and/or extra credit assignments you want to do to earn 900 points or more (to get an A in the course). If you only want to make a B or C, then figure out how many assignments you need to complete to earn the minimum number of points for those grades. You do not need to complete all of the work. You just need to complete enough work to make that grade that you desire. If you work hard and earn 900 points before the end of the semester, you may finish the course early!

Grading is based on the following scale:

The following sections describe in detail each type of assessment and how they are completed.

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