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Professors Chamberlin and Heath's Fall 2003 Teleweb Course Guidelines

This page last updated: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 9:29 AM

4. Viewing Television Episodes

You have three options for viewing The Endless Voyage series:

  1. on cable TV if you live in the right city (see http://media.fullcoll.edu/Fall03/chan1.htm)
  2. on the Fullerton College campus at the library (and probably other campuses as well)
  3. by leasing the videos and viewing them at home on a VCR

The Fullerton College Schedule of Classes for Fall 2003 and the Distance Learning Web Site (http://media.fullcoll.edu) gives you the lowdown on how to view the series on cable TV. Fullerton College broadcasts the episodes to public television channels in Yorba Linda, Fullerton, Placentia, Cypress, La Palma, Garden Grove and Los Alamitos. You may also find the series on other public television channels. Search your TV guide or call your public TV stations (admittedly, a slow process for tracking down how to see the episodes).

For Fall 2003, two episodes are broadcast each week starting the second week of classes and ending the 14th week of classes (see the Course Syllabus). Then all of the episodes are repeated in the weeks that follow. On certain weekends, the college has blockbuster weekends, where several episodes are broadcast on the same day. You can check with the Distance Education office web site, (714) 992-7490, for specific information on dates for blockbuster weekends.

The Fullerton College library also has the series available for overnight checkout. You can call the library at (714) 992-7061 for specific details (like how many you can check out at once).

Probably the most flexible option is to lease the tapes from ACT/RMI Media Production. While there is a cost involved ($55 to lease and $10.50 for shipping, including return shipping), you have all of the tapes on hand to view at your convenience (or all at once, right before the tests!). For more information on leasing, visit their web site, http://www.rmimedia.com/documents/TCRP/TCRPSet.asp.

Some students ask if they really need to view the tapes, "like, can't we just get it all out of the book?" The answer is no. There would be no point in offering a teleweb course if it didn't include the telly. The episodes contribute greatly to your understanding and appreciation of the oceans. You can bet we'll ask you about them!

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