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Dr. Chamberlin's Fall 2003 Online Course Guidelines

This page last updated: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 4:32 PM

13. Extra Credit: Learning Activities

Learning activities consist of hands-on, minds-on assignments that help you develop a greater understanding of the course materials. These activities have been developed by yours truly exclusively for The Endless Voyage. You could be the first to watch me on TV and to try these outstanding learning assignments.

While you may work ahead on assignments, you may only submit them in the week that they are due. You may only submit one assignment per week for the ten weeks that assignments are available.

Each learning activity is worth up to twenty (20) points based on the following criteria:

As you will notice, extra credit assignments are a lot more work than regular assignments. I suggest that you devote most of your time studying for the normal-credit work in the course. However, if you learn better through activities and/or if you anticipate that you will not be earning enough points through participation assignments, quizzes and exams, then by all means, jump in and complete some extra credit. Just be aware that I intentionally make extra credit more difficult for earning points because you should be concentrating on the primary aspects of the course, not the extra credit (which students, for some reason, tend to do).

You will need to MAIL these activities or drop them off at my campus mailbox. NO EXCEPTIONS. No e-mail attachments or assignments will be accepted.

The Activities

Please go to the web sites for The Endless Voyage and complete ONE of the ACTIVITIES listed there. Drop off the assignment at campus mail or mail the assignment to my campus address: Professor Chamberlin, Natural Sciences, Fullerton College, 321 East Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832.

Assignments must be postmarked by the due date or they will not be graded.

Episode 7: It's in the Water
web site | Due October 6.

Episode 8: Beneath the Surface
web site | Due October 13.

Episode 11: Going with the Flow
web site | Due October 20.

Episode 12: Deep Connections
web site | Due October 27.

Episode 13: Surf's Up!
web site | Due November 3.

Episode 15: Ebb and Flow
web site | Due November 10.

Episode 18: Building Blocks
web site | Due November 17.

Episode 19: Water World
web site | Due November 24

Episode 20: Food for Thought
web site | Due December 1.

Episode 21: Survivors (written by Sean Chamberlin, Ph.D.)
web site | Due December 8.

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