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Information and Link Page for Exam #8

Online: 12:01 am, Thursday, May 4, 2000
Offline: 11:59 pm, Wednesday, May 10, 2000

There are no makeup exams. If you do not submit Exam #8 in this time period or if you take longer than two (2) hours from the time you first log on, then you will receive a zero (0). No exceptions.

Exam #8 tests your understanding of all of the links and materials in Section VIII: Creatures of the Abyss as provided in the Course Syllabus.

Here are the pages you need to visit and study:

Required Reading
Oceanic food webs
Hydrothermal vent organisms
Creatures of the Abyss

You may also want to re-review Seasons of the Sea. This exam assumes that you are familiar with the seasonal cycle of water column stratification and de-stratification and its effects on oceanic food webs. This is a difficult exam that tests your understanding of the concepts we have talked about all semester.

You will have two hours to complete this exam from the moment you log on. If you are accidentally logged off or if you accidentally submit the exam before you are finished or before you type in all of the required information, then log back on or hit the back button and re-submit the exam. You must submit a complete exam within two hours of the moment that you start or you will receive a zero (0). There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy, no matter how creative the excuse.

Please read all instructions very carefully. Please read all questions and all answers very carefully. Please make very certain that your e-mail address is spelled correctly; that it doesn't start with www; and that you include after your username if you are an AOL user. Also, the address at the college is NOT If you don't know your correct e-mail address, please e-mail me.

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