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This page is dedicated to anyone who has an interest in developing web-based materials for instructional purposes. While it primarily focuses on community college education, teachers and administrators at any level (K- postgraduate) may find useful information here.

The information presented herein results from more than three years experience using the World-Wide Web (WWW) in courses taught at universities and community colleges in southern California. Nonetheless, I make no claims to being an expert. Teaching is a craft honed by trial and error, treasure hunting and persistent tap dancing. 

Each of us brings our own unique perspective to the campus-based classroom and that is no less true in the virtual-based  classroom. What I offer here are some of my experiences, successes and failures in hopes that others may pursue this path with a little less bushwhacking.

There's still lots I want to add here, but for now, here are a few of the treasures buried here:

  • a guide to cyberspace developed for students

  • links to teacher resources for learning HTML, implementing JAVA applets, finding animated GIFs, and other web goodies

  • downloadable PowerPoint presentations from workshops and seminars

  • a useful checklist for considering online teaching

  • subscribable mailing lists for sharing information with fellow cyberteachers


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