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The Remarkable Ocean World  first splashed upon the World Wide Web in August 1996. From the outset, the site has strived to generate passion for and knowledge of the sea, particularly for students enrolled in Introduction to Oceanography, a general education science course taught by Sean Chamberlin at Fullerton College in Fullerton, California. (For those of you living in Norway and elsewhere, Fullerton is about ten minutes north of Disneyland.)

From its meager start as a web-support system for lecture-based oceanography students to its present-day amalgamation as a source of inspiration and education on all aspects of the sea for anyone with an interest in the sea, this site continues to evolve. The site you see here is the fourth generation of The Remarkable Ocean World.

The Mission

My mission is to host  the largest collection of online oceanographic information and multimedia content in the world. By combining education, basic research and electronic publishing technology, I hope to foster a greater understanding of the sea and its inhabitants.

The Goal

Within the scope of the mission, I strive to:

provide educational and multimedia content for students and others with an interest in the sea;
contribute up-to-date scientific information for researchers, educators, students and others
promote an awareness of man's relationship with the sea, especially in art, literature, and film;
create a forum for student and community discussion of ocean-related issues;
celebrate the sea's propensity for fun and enjoyment!

Take A Tour!

Each semester, approximately 200+ students actively use this web site to complete their general education oceanography studies at Fullerton College. While the site serves primarily on-campus students, an increasing number are choosing to take the course entirely online.

In Summer 1998, my oceanography course became the first online course at Fullerton College. Since that time, the offering of online courses has expanded. The response has been overwhelming. More and more students are taking advantage of the flexibility that online courses offer in terms of employment and family obligations.

While many still choose to come to class on campus, the availability of the virtual classroom, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, increases their ability to accomplish their studies and their opportunities for success. Student-instructor and student-student interactions are greatly enhanced through e-mail, subscribable mailing lists and forums. Individual attention to student needs can be met in a way not possible in 100+ lecture halls. And perhaps most importantly, more class meetings can occur in off-campus settings such as local beaches or museums that provide direct experience of the very phenomena that students are studying.

The links below will take you to a few of the pages that students use in their course of studies. These links are intended to give you a feeling for my approach to online studies. As is always the case, what you see here will continue to evolve in an effort to reach as many students as possible and to insure their success in life-long learning. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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