Student-Teacher Contract of Understanding

You have thoroughly read everything in the first section, First Things First, right? Take a few moments and review the hyperlinks. Do you remember what was in each section? Did you have any questions? Do you understand everything that is expected of you? If not, go back and review the pages that you don't understand or e-mail me. I will point you in the right direction.

If you do completely understand all the rules and requirements and everything that is expected of you, then you are ready to graduate from Basic Training and apply to become a full-fledged Cybernaut.


Follow these instructions EXACTLY.

Review the student-teacher contract shown below. Then, in an e-mail addressed to me, type ALL of the following information.

Hit RETURN or ENTER after typing each bulleted item to put your name, SID, section and e-mail on separate lines.

You should now have four lines with the above information. Below the first four lines, type ALL of the student-teacher contract of understanding EXACTLY  (both paragraphs; everything between * and *) as it appears.

Student-Teacher Contract of Understanding

*Dear Dr. Chamberlin,

I have thoroughly read everything in Section I: Introduction and I completely understand the requirements of this course. I agree to take both online and on-campus exams and be graded according to the criteria outlined in the Course Guidelines. I will strive to do my best to study the materials presented in this course and make every effort to understand them. I want an A!

P.S. My name, SID#, section # and e-mail are typed as the first four lines of this message. Please send me my username and password. Thanks!*

Within 24 hours, you will receive a username and password. You will need this username and password to access all the online exams and some of the forums.

Congratulations. And welcome to the course!