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Exploring the World Ocean


Exploring the World Ocean requires a vast and wide knowledge of many scientific and non-scientific disciplines. The links below will take you to worlds within the world ocean, such as the history of ocean exploration, the art and literature of the sea. It also provides a general overview of a number of important oceanographic topics in geological, chemical, physical, and biological oceanography. Enjoy learning!

Historical Oceanography | Ocean Science | Geological Oceanography |
Physical Oceanography | Chemical Oceanography |
Biological Oceanography | Marine Biology
- See Exploring Marine Life

Historical Oceanography
The Chumash Indians
Pearl Divers
Chinese Explorer, Admiral Zheng
The Vikings
The Discovery of California
Blackbeard the Pirate
Captain Cook
Charles Darwin
The Challenger Oceanographic Expedition
Benjamin Franklin and the Gulf Stream
Lieutenant Matthew Fontaine Maury
Fridtjof Nansen and the Fram
W. Sean Chamberlin and Calypso

Ocean Science
Oceanography Defined
Oceanography and Kevin Bacon
Remarkable Ocean Facts
How to Read a Map
Making Sense of Tables
Making Sense of Graphs
Challenges Facing Ocean Scientists
Who Pays for Ocean Research?
The Art of Scientific Thinking
Simple Mathematics

Geological Oceanography
Origin Myths
Archaean Tectonics

Origins of the Universe
Formation of Solar System
Birth of Planet Earth
Origins of the Moon
Earth's Protolithosphere
Earth's Protoatmosphere
Earth's Early Ocean
Hydrothermal Vents
Continental Drift
Theory of Plate Tectonics
Hot Spots
Features of the Sea Floor
Radiometric Dating

Chemical Oceanography
Properties of Water

The Hydrologic Cycle
Why the Sea is Salt

Physical Oceanography
Ocean Waters of the World
Air-Sea Interactions
Ocean Currents
Earth's Heat Budget
Hurricanes and Typhoons
Satellite Oceanography
Weather Buoys
Electromagnetic Radiation
Light in the Sea
Calculations using Beer's Law

Biological Oceanography
The Gaia Hypothesis
Gaia Thoughts
Origins of Life
Oceanic Photosynthesis
The Seasonal Thermocline
Seasons of the Sea
Oceanic Food Webs
Hydrothermal vent organisms
Creatures of the Abyss
Whales and Dolphins
Songs of the Whale
Evolution of Marine Invertebrates
Dinosaurs of the Sea
The California Grunion
The Rocky Intertidal

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