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Communications with Instructor

Office Hours
Snail Mail


Whenever possible, please send me e-mail. I answer e-mail before telephone messages.

Please review Getting Started, Part II, for proper formats when sending e-mail. Improperly formatted e-mail may not be answered.

Here are various e-mail addresses for Sean Chamberlin:

Primary: (IPP)
Secondary: (cable modem)
Tertiary:    (phone modem)


Office Hours

Feel free to visit me in Room 419-025 during my office hours or call to set up an appointment.

Mondays: 8-9 am; 10:30-Noon
Wednesdays: 8-9 am; 10:30-Noon; 5-6 pm


You are welcome to call me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I have an electronic secretaries at work and at home who persist in the absence of sleep and they will be glad to take a message.

Rarely will I answer a live phone. That's just a personal decision I would ask you to accept. However, I'm more than happy to call you back if you leave a message. When you do leave a message, please leave a number to reach you and the best times to call. I will call you at 3 am if that's when I get home and you say it's okay!

Home:  (714) 871-6730
Office: (714) 992-7137

The best place to call me when you really need to contact me is home. I will return your call IF it's urgent. If it's something that can wait until the next day in class or something that doesn't really require a response, then I might not call you back. Please be judicious in whether you really need me to call you back.

I will answer my office phone during office hours. Also, if your message is not really urgent or if you just want to cover all bases for an urgent message, then leave me a message at my office.

I don't own a cell phone or pager. Personal choice.

Snail Mail

If you want to send mail, please address it to:

Sean Chamberlin
Fullerton College
321 East Chapman Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832

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