This is the COURSE DESCRIPTION PAGE for ALL credit-seeking, college-enrolled students taking Professor Chamberlin's OCEANOGRAPHY classes. If you would like to enroll in one of these courses, please follow the Fullerton College link below.

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Fall 2000

ESC130 Introduction to Oceanography, 3 units, CSU, UC transfer
This course provides a survey of the geological, physical, chemical and biological principles and processes of oceanography, including interactions of humans with the marine environment.

23730 ONLINE: On-campus for two (2) midterms and final

Notes: All students must have e-mail and web access. There are no computer lab fees at Fullerton College. All regular exams are given online. All sections must take two (2) midterms and final on campus unless prior arrangements are made. Field trips and on-campus attendance may be required on a semester-by-semester basis. All students are welcome to attend any lecture or field activity. See Student Home Page and Syllabus for specific details.

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ESC130L: Introduction to Oceanography Field Experience, 1 unit, CSU, UC transfer
The course includes field studies of a variety of marine habitats and processes and instruction in oceanographic research techniques.

23745 8:00-12:00Noon Tuesdays, Aug. 22-Oct. 10, Room 427 and field locations
23760 8:00-12:00Noon Thursdays, Oct. 17-Dec. 5, Room 427 and field locations

Notes: All students must have e-mail and web access. There are no computer lab fees at Fullerton College. Field investigations will take place at Crystal Cove State Park in Corona del Mar and Newport Back Bay. Students must provide their own transportation and parking fee ($6 daily, where applicable). All sections will prepare a scientific paper, take a written final and present their projects on campus.

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Spring 2001

ENVS198D: Baja California Field Studies, 2 units, CSU transfer
This course provides students with an opportunity to learn about the natural history of Baja California and to participate in field studies. Field trip over spring break (April 9-13, 2001) is required; students will arrange their own personal transportation. Primitive camping experience, good physical health and prior field experience highly desirable. Students will keep a journal, prepare a scientific paper and present their projects at an off-campus potluck dinner. Course is team-taught with Dr. Allen Brown, Dean of the Division of Natural Sciences.

Notes: All students must have e-mail and web access. Important communications and course details will be distributed through e-mail and via this web site. There are no computer lab fees at Fullerton College starting Spring 2000.

ESC 238(?): Sampling Methods in Earth Science
This team-taught, hands-on course gives students a chance to practice techniques and methodologies used in the Earth Sciences. A previous 100-level introductory science course is required. For more information or to an express an interest in this course, contact one of the instructors, Drs. Richard Lozinsky, Carolyn Heath and Sean Chamberlin. More details forthcoming in Fall 2000.