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The Remarkable Ocean World Lecture Series
W. Sean Chamberlin, PhD. 1999.

A bound collection of notes penned by "the American Jacques Cousteau." Includes many of the notes available on this site with a table of contents for easy searching. Students call these notes "highly readable" and "humorous." Intended for all ages and audiences interested in learning more about the sea. (Note: these notes contain most but not all of the materials for Professor Chamberlin's oceanography course. Please see course guidelines for details. )

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The Remarkable Ocean World Lab Manual
W. Sean Chamberlin, PhD. 1999
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A one-of-a-kind series of field exercises designed for oceanography students at all levels. Teaches students all aspects of a scientific investigation from hypothesis-making to oral presentation of results. Includes sensory techniques typically found in acting classes but adapted here for use in developing student's awareness of natural details. Extensive Internet resources are included as well.


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