Hands-On Assignment: T-S Diagrams and Temperature Contour Plots

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Goal: The goal of this exercise is to develop your skills at plotting physical oceanographic data and increase your understanding of physical processes in the ocean..

Assignment: Please complete BOTH diagrams (two pages) according to the instructions.

A. Figure 8-10 is a temperature cross section off Point Conception obtained by Dr. Burt Jones, a colleague of mine at USC, using a CTD. Contour the cross section down to the 8-degree C isotherm using 0.5-degree contour intervals. Start at the bottom (i.e. at the 8 degree isotherm) and work your way upwards.\

B. Why is the water warmer at the surface and colder at the bottom?

C. Why are near-shore surface waters colder than offshore surface waters and what process does this represent?

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