About the Lecture Notes (now known as The Remarkable Ocean World Textbook)

Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Lecture Notes used in this course.

What are the Lecture Notes?

The Lecture Notes, now known as The Remarkable Ocean World textbook, are a series of written lectures on a variety of ocean topics. Written specifically for general education studies  in oceanography, these notes form the basis of this oceanography course. They provide the foundation from which a knowledge and understanding of the sea can be achieved. These Lecture Notes, written, edited and revised by W. Sean Chamberlin, PhD, have successfully guided thousands of students through introductory courses in oceanography.

Why do I need the Lecture Notes?

The Lecture Notes are required reading for the course. Exams in this course are based on these notes.

Where do I find the Lecture Notes?

As you work through the hyperlinks on the Course Syllabus, you will be taken directly to the Lecture Notes that pertain to a particular topic. The hyperlinks guide you to specific sections. These specific sections are the required reading material that will be covered on the exams.

How can I obtain a complete set of Lecture Notes for the course?

You are welcome to print one (1) electronic copy of the The Remarkable Ocean World Textbook for educational purposes. However, you may find it convenient to purchase the bound set for $30 (includes shipping; $25 if you pick it up from me directly). Highlighting relevant sections of the complete text as you browse the hyperlinks on the Course Syllabus is an excellent way to study. If you want to purchase The Remarkable Ocean World Textbook, go to the Bookstore on this web site.