About the Online Library

The documents provided here were developed as part of a general education college course in oceanography. They cover a wide range of topics including physical, chemical, geological and biological oceanography. As well, you will find information on man's relationship with the sea from historical encounters to art and literature.

More than 400 pages of text (when printed) are available here. The list is ever-expanding! If there's a subject you are looking for that's not covered here, please e-mail me. I'm always happy to point you in the right direction. And who knows, maybe I'll include that topic in a future update!

At the end of each online document, you will find a few to several links on related topics. Some documents are almost entirely composed of links either because the subject area is well covered by another web site or (to be honest) because I haven't had time to write a good treatise on that topic yet. But I'm working on it.

All works provided here are copyrighted. Printing of a single copy is permitted for educational purposes only. Reproduction of multiple copies (more than one), electronically, on paper or by any other means, for any purposes, including educational purposes, is strictly prohibited.

If you want your own hard copy, you may purchase a printed version of these notes from The Remarkable Ocean World Bookstore. The complete set is comb-bound and includes page numbers, an index and a table of contents.

Information provided here is listed according to Subject Area or by Title. Each set of notes is written to be independent of any prior study (although I slip up now and then and assume you know some prior material).

Use the table of links or search for a keyword to access specific information or lectures. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me: drc@oceansonline.com.