About ExploreWorldOcean.com
This web site is maintained wholly by Fullerton College oceanography professor, researcher, and author, W. Sean Chamberlin, PhD. In 2008, publication of Exploring the World Ocean (co-written by Sean Chamberlin and Tommy Dickey, UC Santa Barbara) led to a renaming of the site from OceansOnline.com to ExploreWorldOcean.com. Both domains bring you to this site.

Since its inception, the web site has strived to accomplish the following:

OceansOnline.com and ExploreWorldOcean.com collect no personal information about people who visit the site. In fact, we don't even have a mailing list.

In the spirit of making the ocean accessible to as much of the world as possible, you'll find thousands of pages of content here, As our only means of support comes from the sale of books, DVDs, and other items shown in the sidebars, we appreciate your click-thrus and purchases.

We welcome all comments, corrections, and useful information. Please feel free to e-mail him.

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