Monterey Bay Aquarium Kelp tank

20,000 Leagues

Under the Sea*

by Jules Verne

Table of Contents

Units of Measure

Part One

Chapter 1: A Moving Reef
Chapter 2: The Pros and Cons
Chapter 3: Whatever Pleases Master
Chapter 4: Ned Land
Chapter 5: At Random
Chapter 6: At Full Stream
Chapter 7: An Unknown Species of Whale
Chapter 8: Mobilis in Mobile
Chapter 9: The Wrath of Ned Land
Chapter 10: The Man of the Waters
Chapter 11: The Nautilus
Chapter 12: Everything by Electricity
Chapter 13: Some Figures
Chapter 14: The Black Current
Chapter 15: A Letter of Invitation
Chapter 16: A Walk on the Ocean Plains
Chapter 17: A Submarine Forest
Chapter 18: Four Thousand Leagues Under the Pacific
Chapter 19: Vanikoro
Chapter 20: The Torres Strait
Chapter 21: A Few Days on Land
Chapter 22: Captain Nemo's Lightning
Chapter 23: Aegri Somnia
Chapter 24: The Realm of Coral

Part Two

Chapter 1: The Indian Ocean
Chapter 2: A New Proposition from Captain Nemo
Chapter 3: A Pearl Worth Ten Million
Chapter 4: The Red Sea
Chapter 5: The Arabian Tunnel
Chapter 6: The Isles of Greece
Chapter 7: Through the Mediterranean in 48 Hours
Chapter 8: The Bay of Vigo
Chapter 9: A Lost Continent
Chapter 10: The Submarine Coalfields
Chapter 11: The Sargasso Sea
Chapter 12: Sperm Whales and Baleen Whales
Chapter 13: The Ice Bank
Chapter 14: The South Pole
Chapter 15: Accident or Incident?
Chapter 16: Lack of Air
Chapter 17: From Cape Horn to the Amazon
Chapter 18: Giant Squid
Chapter 19: The Gulf Stream
Chapter 20: In Latitude 47 degrees 24' and Longitude 17 degrees 28'
Chapter 21: A Hectacomb
Chapter 22: The Last Words of Captain Nemo
Chapter 23: Conclusion

* E-text from Project Gutenberg, translated by F.P Walter, University of Houston
* Adapted for the web by W. Sean Chamberlin, PhD., Fullerton College
* Prepared for Project Nautilus, a learning community to attract young minds to the sciences, humanities and arts.

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